The Block Puzzle is a cycle of applications with picture jigsaws. Each collection contains at least over a dozen illustrations colected in three parts – usually from the easiest to the most difficult. Some of them come from children and youth books.

Reserve a moment for yourself and relax arranging The Block Puzzle jigsaws!

Choose your favorite collection of illustrations that corresponds to your present mood or a mood in which you would like to be. Take a rest during tranquil play or train eye-hand coordination and concentration.

Human eyes are capable of perceiving shapes, distinguishing them from a background, remembering them out, and recognizing them later at the age of five to seven. A seeing is mature at the age of about six or seven. Some of The Block Puzzle jigsaws was prepared with the thought of train eye-hand coordination and of perceptivity. In that ones are applied a high contrast of colors and quite large pieces. Choose a collection you like or suitable for the child or person under your care.

Have a good time :)

The Block Puzzle this showcasing is free application. It contains a list of available puzzles collections. In each are three series of pictures – you can test the first one from each.
Sporty atmosphere, vivid colors, good appetite – have fun in play with The Block Puzzle. Eat right, sporty youth! – this is full of energy, sporty, and nutrition theme posters collection.
The Homnicomps are joyful characters – funny inhabitants of homes and computers. Which one do you want to be? Catch a while for rest, train eye-hand coordination and concentration.
A boat on the ocean is merely a toy for waves. Schools of fish swim below the surface of the water. This harmonic collection of the Sea Stories illustrations is settled in the seaside scenery.
Slightly foggy mornings, sun-drenched spaces, chaotic suburban areas – what impressions or conditions invoke in you? Grow an imagination grace the Fringe of the city compositions.